LAMARC - Likelihood Analysis with Metropolis Algorithm using Random Coalescence

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This documentation covers use of the program LAMARC, which can estimate population sizes, migration rates, growth rates, and recombination rate using a Metropolis-Hastings Monte Carlo Markov Chain algorithm. LAMARC's 'sister program' is MIGRATE, with which it shares history, algorithms, and some code base, but which is now being maintained exclusively by Peter Beerli at Florida State University.


Kuhner, M. K. and L. P. Smith, 2007 "Comparing Likelihood and Bayesian Coalescent Estimation of Population Parameters" Genetics 175: 155-165.

Kuhner, M. K., 2006 "LAMARC 2.0: maximum likelihood and Bayesian estimation of population parameters." Bioinformatics 22(6): 768-770.

Please report problems to The LAMARC package is maintained by the lab of Mary K. Kuhner
Mary Kuhner, Department of Genome Sciences, University of Washington, Box 355065, Seattle, WA 98195-5065, USA. Phone: (206) 543-8751, Fax: (206) 543-0754