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RECOMBINE fits a model which has a single population of constant size with a single recombination rate across all sites. It can accomodate either plain DNA or RNA data or SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) data. It estimates 4Nu and r, where N is the effective population size, u is the neutral mutation rate per site, and r is the ratio of the per-site recombination rate to the per-site mutation rate. If you have a PowerMac, you will want to fetch the PowerMac binary; if you have an Intel processor with Windows95 or Windows NT you want the file rinstall.exe.

Please note: we are no longer supporting RECOMBINE as its functions can be done just as well by LAMARC and it's easier for us to support just one program.

Version 1.41, updated August 7, 2002. This version fixes a bug in parmfile saving and fine-tunes parts of the algorithm.

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Download source or binary and documentation. The source code will compile with most recent C compilers (successfully compiled on DEC ULTRIX, DEC Alpha, PowerMac, INTEL machines, NeXT, SGI; needs gcc to compile on Suns).
Source code and documentation in .tar.gz format.
Linux binary and documentation in .tar.gz format.
Mac OSX binary and documentation in .tar.gz format. (Note that this binary is not clickable, but works fine if invoked from the command line.)
Mac OS9 binary and documentation as HQX encoded CompactPro archive.
Self extracting Windows archive of binary and documentation.

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