J.F.C. Kingman

[JFC Kingman in the 1980s] [JFC Kingman in 2002]

Sir John Kingman, FRS, is currently the head of the Isaac Newton Institute of Mathematical Sciences, at Cambridge University, England. He is the N.M. Rothschild and Sons Professor of Mathematical Sciences. He is also the Chairman of the Statistics Commission, which oversees the quality of official statistics in the United Kingdom. He was until recently Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bristol. He has also been head of the Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC). He was formerly Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford. He has published five books and about 100 papers, and is widely known for his work on probability and stochastic processes. He has had a long-term side interest in population genetics. In 1982, he published three papers which laid the foundation for modern work on coalescent trees of genes:

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